Discourse analysis

Research interests

  • Critical discourse analysis in the media
  • Persuasive and discourse strategies across genres
  • Contrast English-Spanish

Most relevant publications since 2017

Books & book chapters

ALONSO-BELMONTE, I. & McCABE, A. (2019). Challenging the concept of pure objectivity in British and Spanish hard news reports: the case of the Second Lebanon War. In C. SANCHO GUINDA (Ed.), Engagement in Professional Genres: Disclosure and Deference (pp. 67-85). John Benjamins.

ALONSO-BELMONTE, I. (2019). Victims, Heroes and Villains in Newsbites: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Spanish Eviction Crisis in El País. In L. A. JUEZ & L. MACKENZIE (Eds.), Emotions in Discourse (pp. 335-355). John Benjamins.

ALONSO-BELMONTE, I. (2018). Digital storytelling and the art of the emotional appeal: the case of Despite My Fears. In A. GARCÍA & M. DÍEZ (Eds.), Exploring evaluative, emotive and persuasive strategies in discourse (pp. 213-236). English in the World Series. Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de Valencia.

MAÑOSO-PACHECO, L. (2017). Reporting the Source of Information in the British and Spanish Press: A Taxonomy of Expressions. In MARÍN-ARRESE, J., LAVID-LÓPEZ, J., CARRETERO, M., DOMÍNGUEZ ROMERO, E., MARTÍN DE LA ROSA, M. & PÉREZ BLANCO, M. (Eds.), Evidentiality and Modality in European Languages (pp. 139-168). Peter Lang.

Journal articles

ALONSO-BELMONTE, I. & FERNÁNDEZ-AGÜERO, M. (2021). Teachers’ narratives of resistance to Madrid’s bilingual programme: an exploratory study in secondary education. Linguistics and Education, 63.

ALONSO-BELMONTE, I. & PORTO REQUEJO, D. (2020). Multimodal Framing Devices in European Online News. Language and Communication, 71, 55-71.

MAÑOSO-PACHECO, L. (2020). News values and the information source. The discourse of eliteness and personalisation in the digital press. Texto Livre: Linguagem e Tecnología, 13(1), 1-19.

MAÑOSO-PACHECO, L., SÁNCHEZ-CABRERO, R., ARIGITA-GARCÍA, A, & PERICACHO-GÓMEZ, F. J. (2020). Evidentiality in the Discourse. Setting Boundaries. Quaestiones Disputatae: Temas En Debate, 13(26), 58-77.

MAÑOSO-PACHECO, L. & JUÁREZ-ESCRIBANO, B. (2019). Reportive evidentiality. A theoretical revision. Revista Inclusiones: Revista de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales, 6(4), 189-206.

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