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ALONSO-BELMONTE, I, FERNÁNDEZ-AGÜERO, M., GARCÍA, B., PIQUERAS, C., DE BORDONS, B. & SÁNCHEZ, G. (2012). English for Primary and Pre-school student teachers.

This module consists of a set of original interactive online teaching units incorpo­rated into an EFL on-campus program for prospective primary teachers at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) through the open-access learning Moodle platform. It aims at:

1. developing the student’s communicative competence within level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;

2. improving future teachers’ EFL skills, particularly in relation to the teaching environment;

3. promoting learner autonomy and strategic learning.

These six teaching units, or e-lessons, offer students the pos­sibility to improve their linguistic competence in English through the intensive reading of authentic literary texts related to the experiences of children and pre-adolescents, thus providing them with a greater understanding of the world of children. In addition, they include free-choice, self-explanatory comprehension and expression exer­cises, which encourage the students’ independent self-directed learning.

Unit 1. What’s wrong with Mr. Right?

Unit 2. Going on a Mystery Tour.

Unit 3. Heart Bits.

Unit 4. Magic Teaching.

Unit 5. Family Matters.

Unit 6. In Trouble.


MEDEA Awards 2012, Highly Commended category. For further information: https://www.medea-awards.com/files/publications/MEDEA-Awards-2012_press-release_20121115_EN.pdf

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